IELTS essay

Some people believe that it is good to share as much information as possible in scientific research, business and the academic world. Others believe that some information is too important or too valuable to be shared freely.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. 

An often debated topic is whether it is a good practice to share information freely in the scientific research, business, and the academic world. Many believe that such information’s can be put to good use and can be effectively utilized for a better purpose. However, others believe that some data are often too significant to be shared without charge. Both sides of the argument will be discussed in this essay before a conclusion is reached.

According to many, sharing maximum information in the business, scientific and educational sector has always contributed towards the learning process. Although all sectors have benefited from time to time from the information that was at their disposal, the educational sector has always been a great beneficiary without an exception. For example, most of the learning done in the medical schools are often dependent on past observations and if these observations are not available freely, nor would it cause a disruption in the research process but will also hinder the learning process. Thus, it can be seen that the free flow of information is beneficial for the progress of the human race.

On the other hand, some people opine that some information is too valuable for some sectors that it is not suitable to share it freely. Their view is supported by the fact that some organization spends immensely to gather data that it would be unfair for them if their research work can be obtained freely as through this they can lose their competitive advantage. For example, each year thousands of dollars are spent by the business sectors to gather data about the demographics of an area and certainly, it would be an unfair deal if that data is made public as competitors can use it to gain competitive advantage. Thus, the negative ramifications of sharing data freely can be seen quite clearly.

After analyzing both points of views, it can be concluded that some data is too precious that it cannot be shared publicly. This is the viewpoint that is therefore supported. However, in order to achieve progress for the betterment of the human race, it is essential that maximum information must be shared freely between sectors.

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Importance of compulsory and optional subjects.


It is often argued by many people that history is a significant school subject. They believe that studying history helps students to learn about their country’s history. However, others believe that due to today’s dynamic world, disciplines like science and technology have a superior importance on subjects like history. Both points of view will be analyzed in this essay before a logical conclusion is drawn.

Many people believe that history is among important school subjects and their view is backed by some logical reasonings. They believe teaching about past events help students know about their cultural history. Cultural awareness plays a key role in shaping and molding a society.  For example, a recent study at Cambridge University showed that students who studied their country’s history in high schools were found to be proudly practicing their traditional value in foreign countries to spread their cultural values. Thus, it can be seen that history is among the main school subjects.

On the contrary, people who believe subjects like science and technology have far more importance than history supports their thesis with the fact that today’s world is constantly changing and therefore, it is essential that a student must be equipped with the scientific and technological knowledge. Having knowledge about historical events cannot help you cope up with the constantly changing technological advancements. This is illustrated by the fact that all our ubiquitous home appliances are electronic and to run them it is essential that we have prior knowledge of science and technology. Therefore, significant importance of subjects like science and technology can be seen.

In conclusion, while science and technology have become a part of our daily life and it is hard to imagine a life without the knowledge of science and technology. History helps societies to shape and mold. Hence, in my opinion, both subjects have equal importance in their own context and should be treated impartially.

Artificial intelligence and cab drivers.

These days artificial intelligence is being employed to operate vehicles. Human beings have always strived for their safety and consequently, they have achieved a distinguished achievement by empowering artificial intelligence with the required program to drive vehicles. However, I believe that this development is negative as it is contributing to the ever-increasing unemployment rate.

The idea of AI-driven cars was initiated to ensure human safety. Such development is a result of human’s negligence while driving cars and prompted engineers to come up with a solution which is more viable to human wellbeing. For example, human-driven cars were often involved in negligent accidents like using mobile phones or showing lack of patience while driving; however, vehicles driven by thinking machines have overcome this issue.

Nevertheless, such advancements have resulted in more unemployment as more human beings have been made redundant. Despite the fact, that cars driven by the artificial intelligence has contributed positively towards the safety of its passengers it has also caused termination of employees. For instance, taxi companies like Uber and Careem are already planning to deploy 100,000 artificial intelligence-driven motor vehicles in The United States which will result in the sacking of nearly 100,000 people. This phenomenon will not only cause uncertainty among the working class but can also lead to other negative aspects like engaging in criminal activities or increase in poverty rate.

In conclusion, while AI-driven cars have addressed the safety concerns of passengers and drivers, this development has also stirred chaos among the drivers as they are being replaced by artificial intelligence. Therefore, I believe that it is a negative development and AI-driven cars should be called off and instead of terminating drivers from the jobs they must be given adequate training regarding safety to avoid road accidents.


Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara desert or the Antarctic.  what are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places? 


These days travelers from all over the world are traveling to places where conditions for human survival is hard. However, such expeditions bring not only positive outcomes but also results in some drawbacks too.

On one side, such journies bring a whole new priceless experience and teaches a person some lifetime survival skills which are incomparable. For instance, a great number of photographers every year travel to India for witnessing the white leopard, risking their life at high altitude and are not only prone to the severe cold weather conditions but are also on the mercy of that carnivore. Furthermore, visiting these places helps humankind to discover new species and remains of extinct animals such as dinosaurs. Needless to say that adventurous nature of mankind has led to the discovery of different species of fishes and other animals.

However, on the contrary, such visits have resulted in disturbing the eco-system. Pertaining to the fact that places such as Sahara desert and the Antartic lack human presence have made this place vulnerable to pollution as these sites do not have an adequate disposal waste system. Consequently, that waste ends up in ocean resulting in the death and extinction of water creatures. Another negative aspect of such visits is deterioration of human health. Abnormal temperatures of these places can cause irreversible damage to a person and in severe cases can either lead to death or amputation of a body part.

In conclusion, nature of human being has always been adventurous and this nature has blessed us with countless discoveries. Traveling to places with low survival expectancy can bestow you with valuable experience, however, there are some negative aspects to such adventurous journey which through proper care and accountability can be addressed.

Plastic: Scourge of modern times

Mankind is polluting this planet either deliberately or inadvertently through different modes of waste, among which plastic tops. Every year hundreds of conferences worldwide takes place on limiting the use of plastic, but unfortunately, very few countries are actually addressing this complicated issue. This paper will put forward some solution through which human being can limit the usage of plastic and can preserve the eco-system.

Firstly, replacing the conventional plastic products like bags, bottles, straws, and others should be replaced by bio-degradable products. Forums like United Nation should step in to ensure the implementation of bio-degradable products. United Nation can pass a resolution through which member nations can be bound to introduce the mandatory usage of biodegradable products such as corn and sugar based disposables. Failure to apply must be followed by severe sanctions. Secondly, replacement of ubiquitous plastic products cannot be done overnight and therefore it is essential that we must improve our recycling system to reduce the production of plastic products. Many under-developed countries still lack an effective recycling system, which consequently increases the production.

Furthermore, it is down to end-consumer of petroleum products to reduce the consumption by using alternatives such as using recycled cups, paper bags, and other environment-friendly options. Finally, educating the general public about how plastic is eating away our environment and depriving not only us but also our future generation of clean air and water. A recent study in a leading UK newspaper showed that every year a large number of fishes are washed on sea and plastic is among the leading causes.

To summarize, human beings are using plastic for centuries now and pertaining the fact that plastic has caused irreversible damage it is high time nations must renewable products in markets as a replacement for plastic products.


Advantages and disadvantages of online meetings and training.

Nowadays many business meetings and training are happening online and not in real offices. Do you think advantages outweigh the disadvantages in this matter?

Technological advancement has unreservedly changed the idea of business meetings and training. These days businesses prefer online meetings instead of face-to-face meetings with regard to the fact that online discussions are saving them time and money. I believe positive aspects of this phenomenon supersedes the negative aspects. This essay will discuss both sides of this matter.

With the latest technology in the market, the idea of the meeting has entirely changed and executives prefer using online tools, like, Skype, Whatsapp and, other social media applications to communicate with their co-workers and employees. Online meetings and training provide business with the incentive to save time and money at the same time. In past, meetings in the business premises usually cost a considerable amount. However, with the state of art technology firms are able to save a hefty amount of money. Furthermore, online conferences have also provided companies with an ease of participating in the meeting from anywhere.

Nevertheless, one cannot deny the importance of human interaction face-to-face. Meetings conducted on social media websites and applications are depriving businesses of human interaction and consequently, that is having a detrimental effect on teamwork. Face to face interaction in the meeting promotes brotherhood in the business environment, which encourages colleagues to work together. Moreover, an online training can be quite distracting because it does not provide you with the environment conducive to professional training.

In conclusion, I believe modern technology has presented businesses with an online communication platform through which they can practice their business in a more proficient manner and its merits exceed its demerits.


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Unhealthy lifestyle is not affecting you only

Health has been a concerning issue for mankind since the dawn. Though human being has been trying to find a shortcut to a healthy lifestyle, unfortunately, there isn’t one. However, Numerous studies have found that a balance of fruits, vegetables, meat, and exercise can do the trick. Regrettably, people find it demanding to follow a disciplined life.

In my surrounding, I have witnessed a lot of adults aged between 30-50 who have been diagnosed with blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, and other chronic conditions. Apparently, to them, it’s just normal and is happening worldwide but what they are not taking into account is that their poor lifestyle is costing them in doctor’s appointment fees, medical tests, and surgeries followed by medicines. This whole situation made me think that people are not aware that the chronic diseases are not only affecting them but the negligence is costing other people in their lives.

Parents usually embrace the fact that they have been diagnosed with diseases that have become common in the society and instead of taking doctor’s advice to change their sedentary lifestyle, they rather prefer taking medicines. Very few parents take into account the fact that their medicines cost are actually depriving their kids of their rightful demands. Evidently, countless students cannot afford university in the country due to the fact that their mother or father is being treated for a disease which was a price for living an unhealthy lifestyle. This is just one example but if we think for a while, we can figure out that there is more to this than that and we can provide our offsprings a better life by just making small changes to our lives.

To conclude, I believe it is inevitable that we should start looking for ourselves and make drastic changes to our daily routine to ensure that our future generations do not suffer.